finely crushed coral os the best substrate media for saltwater and african lake aquariums (Malawi / Tanganyika)

Intense power

Color dye free

At zoptus we believe only in the most natural results. 

made 100% from crushed coral

Life colonizes

Use nothing but non-living sand as all sand eventually becomes alive over time, due to the nitrogen cycling process, while also being safer. 

All tanks will need different amounts of sand. A layer between 1/2 inch and 2 inches covering the bottom of the aquarium should be sufficient for shallow sand beds. A layer about 3 to 6 inches would accomodate for a deep sand bed.  

advanced construction

designed to highest standards

Always clean
Bali, Indonesia


Screened to size; Free of contaminants and detritus.

natural color
Bali, Indonesia

color dye free

This is the coral skeleton, barebone. No color dyes or agents.

It just stabilizes
Bali, Indonesia

Natural KH Buffer

The easiest way to acheive natural equilibrium in any aquarium.

store indefenitely
Bali, Indonesia

resealable bag

Use as much sand as you need, whenever you need.


Grain Sizes:

Fine SAND (2-3mm)
Bali, Indonesia

High quality marine substrate, Screened to size.

Coarse Sad (3-4mm)
Bali, Indonesia
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